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  • China outlines roadmap for deep space exploration
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:PE Traveling (0) (0) (58) (0)
    China is planning four deep space exploration missions before 2030, including probes to Mars, asteroids and Jupiter, says Pei Zhaoyu, deputy...
  • South Koreans call for skaters to be booted from games
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    In team pursuit, the finishing time is set by the third and last skater crossing the line. Normally, the first rider sets the pace and takes...
  • F1 plans to set up China office, says its director of strategy
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    Formula one is to start the process of localization in China, F1 director of strategy Yath Gangakumaran told Xinhua in Shanghai on
  • The survey showed that over 80% of the respondents liked self-help travel
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:PE Traveling (0) (0) (11) (0)
    Some 80.2% of respondents prefer to make their own travel plans instead of going on group trip planned by travel agents, according to a Chin...
  • Beijing 2022 venue construction proceeds smoothly
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:PE Traveling (1) (1) (67) (0)
    The planning for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games venues is on schedule, according to the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee.The ...
  • Where cabbage is king
    Author:Tradesns·.com Article Types:PE Traveling (0) (0) (73) (0)
    Traditional and fusion cooking styles, regional and international ingredients and a new awareness of healthy eating are all factors contri...
  • Cupid's arrow curtailing Zhang's career
    Author:sofal·liu Article Types:PE Traveling (0) (0) (22) (0)
    Chinese table tennis megastar Zhang Jike has finally found his true love - but it might mean the end of his career...
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