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A Japanese enterprise launches a change machine
Yingying·Hou Publication Time:2018-04-27 16:18:59 Having992read

Unused foreign banknotes and coins brought back home by Japanese travelers as well as leftover yen still in the pockets of departing foreign visitors have become a business opportunity at airports.

A Tokyo-based venture began setting up machines last year allowing travelers to change leftover currency into electronic money or gift vouchers.

Pocket Change Inc's machines accept the US dollar, euro, Chinese yuan, South Korean won or Japanese yen, both bills and coins.

For residents in Japan, e-money includes Rakuten Inc's Edy and Aeon Co's Waon.

Users can also choose Amazon and other vouchers, or make a charitable donation.
Installing its first machine at Haneda in February 2017, Pocket Change now has least 15 exchangers in Japan.

The other airports with its machines are New Chitose, Chubu Centrair International, Kansai International and Fukuoka airports, while it also has placed units at hotels and department stores. 

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