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Cotton Yarn Specification
YVONNE·LU Publication Time:2018-05-17 09:47:05 Having23read

1.    Linear dendity 纤维线密度

2.    Fibre fineness 纤维细度

3.    Fibre diameter 纤维直径

4.    Yarn counts 纱线支数

5.    Denier counts of filament Yarns 长丝纱纤度

6.    Identification of continuous / discontinuous fibre 长丝/短丝 纤维鉴定

7.    Twist per unit length 纱线捻度

8.    length of thread (per roll) 纱线长度(每轴)

9.    Net weight of thread 纱线净重

10.   Dimensional stability of yarn to washing 纱线缩水率

11.   Single fibre strength 单纤维强度

12.   Single thread/yarn strength 纱线强度

13.   Lea strength 绞纱强度

14.   Loop strength 打结、钩接强度

15.   Yarn evenness 纱线均匀度

16.   Crimp test 卷曲测试

17.   Holes on synthetic fibres 纤维孔数

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