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About SOHO
Mike·Guo Publication Time:2018-05-13 23:34:23 Having477read

Here is my personal experience of how to be a SOHO and make money at home.

Firstly, you need to have a website

You can build by yourself,if you know nothing about it.Forget it, get someone to do it.Just do what you are good at .

Secondly,prepare USD account

Register a HK company and open an account which can receive payments from overseas.As I know it's hard to open the account since last two years. Another option is to get your friends to help for receiving the payment if you have the connects available.You have to prepare another account like Paypal or Western Union for small sample payments.

Thirdly,you need to have tools for communication such as Skype MSN QQ or Wechat ect.If you don't have them,go and register a new one.

Lastly, go to search customers by google or some of the data base like TradeSNS (If you already have customers on hand,Cheers!) When you get the contact information, send email...If you send the right product with reasonable price to the right person, your chance is coming...

This article only talk about an idea and an simple procedure of how to be a SOHO.Thanks for reading.

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