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  • View on GuanQue Tower-----Wang zhihuan (Tang)
    Author:Tony·Xu Article Types:The Road Venture (2) (2) (81) (0)
    The white sun is falling,The quiet river is flowing;To get the truth of distance,so get to the next higher floor!...
  • Company ordered to pay 40,000 USD for infringement of WeChat trademarks
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Experience (1) (1) (70) (0)
      A dietary supplement supplier has been ordered to pay 40,000 USD in compensation to internet giant Tencent for infringing the tradema...
  • SPRING-----Meng haoran (Tang)
    Author:Tony·Xu Article Types:Lifestyle (3) (3) (96) (5)
    The sun is coming,I still sleep in the spring;You can see the birds anywhere,and hear of the sing;The flowers falling in my heart,By the win...
  • U.S. tariff proposals open Pandora's box: MOC
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Entrepreneur (1) (0) (15) (0)
    The United States' tariff proposals on imported steel have the risk of triggering a chain effect and spreading protectionism across the worl...
  • Popular Chinese crosstalk comedian Guo Degang named cultural ambassador of Australian National Museum
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types: Entertainment (0) (0) (7) (0)
    Guo Degang, a popular Chinese traditional crosstalk performer, signed a letter of agreement in Canberra on Thursday with the National Museum...
  • Cupid's arrow curtailing Zhang's career
    Author:sofal·liu Article Types:PE Traveling (0) (0) (22) (0)
    Chinese table tennis megastar Zhang Jike has finally found his true love - but it might mean the end of his career...
  • US tariffs against China may not begin until June
    Author:sofal·liu Article Types:E-Commerce (0) (0) (15) (0)
    The US tariff plan on Chinese imports may not be imposed until early June, as a 30-day period for written public comment on the tariff lis...
  • Chinese table tennis players win German Open titles
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:PE (0) (0) (6) (0)
    Chinese table tennis athletes won the men's singles and doubles titles at the German Open, the third event of the ITTF World Tour in Bremen ...
  • Electric carmaker NIO prepares for U.S. IPO
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Entrepreneur (0) (0) (458) (0)
    Chinese electric car startup NIO plans to raise up to 2 billion U.S. dollars in a New York IPO by the end of this year, according to report ...
  • Uber co-founder starts new fund to invest in China
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Management (0) (0) (1055) (0)
    Uber co-founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick started a new investment fund that will involve for-profit and non-profit projects, reports t...
  • IKEA being sued in China over exploding glass cup
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types: Entertainment (0) (0) (359) (0)
    IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer, is being sued after a glass cup exploded in the face of a Chinese customer.A woman named Wang ...
  • China leads global heli-market rebound: Bell Helicopter
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (347) (0)
    The Asia Pacific region, with China as the leading force, has made 2017 an "incredible year" for Bell Helicopter, according to company execu...
  • Direct Edinburgh - Beijing flight revealed
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (9) (0)
    The capital cities of China and Scotland will be linked directly for the first time after Hainan Airlines revealed plans to launch flights b...
  • Ford seeks recovery in China
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Logistic (0) (0) (14) (0)
    Local partnerships with Changan Automobile Group and Jiangling Motors Group are being boosted amongst concerns that falling sales are having...
  • U.S. requests consultations with China at WTO over technology practices
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Logistic (0) (0) (10) (0)
    The United States has requested consultations with China at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over alleged "unfair" technology practices, t...
  • Europe and Vietnam now rail linked via China
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Marketing (0) (0) (18) (0)
    Europe and Vietnam now rail linked via China! The service will carry Vietnamese produce such as tropical fruit, rice, coffee and aquatics to...
  • U.S. Starbucks eyes business expansion in fast-growing Chinese market
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Entrepreneur (0) (0) (20) (0)
    Major U.S. coffee chain operator Starbucks has full confidence that China will fundamentally change the company as the country has grown int...
  • Facebook CEO apologizes for data breach scandal in British, U.S. newspapers
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Career (0) (0) (16) (0)
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Sunday apologized in full-page ads in several British and U.S. newspapers for a data breach scandal that puts t...
  • Apple CEO says openness is a key to a country's success
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (14) (0)
    Apple CEO Tim Cook said that only countries that embrace openness, trade, and diversity can achieve success at the China Development Forum i...
  • £1 billion of FinTech deals between China and UK
    Author:Bella·Qi Article Types:Trader (0) (0) (17) (0)
    Over £1 billion of FinTech deals between China and the UK have already been announced in 2018.That's according to specialist publication Bus...
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