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  • Airport luggage wrapping machine
    Author:Fang·Jessica Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (27) (0)
    Airport luggage wrapping machineLuggage wrapping machine is a machine for packing luggage 、baggage、suitcase and cartons at the air...
  • To Be More Likable and Make a Great First Impression, Science Says First Do 1 Thing
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (38) (0)
    If you want to make a great first impression -- and why wouldn’t you? -- you know there are basic steps you can take: Smile, make eye contac...
  • Invitation Letter
    Author:Kevin·Wang Article Types:Trader (0) (0) (27) (0)
    Helping Broad Customers Deal With Official Invitation Letter      1. How to deal with Official Invitation Letter Ve...
  • Evergreen style: 7 things you can learn from Audrey Hepburn
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Entertainment (0) (0) (52) (0)
    May 4 marks Youth Day in China, and is also the 89th birthday of the queen of elegance, Audrey Hepburn.As the spirit of the young is connect...
  • China’s Xiaomi files for Hong Kong IPO
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Marketing (1) (0) (50) (0)
    Xiaomi kicked off what is set to be one of the world’s biggest initial public offerings to raise up to $10bn, filing a prospectus that gives...
  • Zhang Miman, another woman scientist who broke through the glass ceiling.
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (34) (0)
    Forty years ago, when Marilyn Loden, then 31 and a manager at a telephone company, made a speech at the 1978 Women’s Exposition, she didn’t ...
  • hello everyone welcome to our Wall gloves
    Author:Ada·Yip Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (37) (0)
    Beihai Wall Trading Compnay is always here for you. We mainly do fitness gloves, cycling gloves, gym gloves, safety gloves and so on....
  • 外贸业务员与客户交谈时要注意的7个小细节
    Author:Lin·Li Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (44) (0)
    销售人员在和客户的沟通过程中,不仅要使用文明的语言、保持谦和的态度以外,且在沟通和谈话的方式方法上,还需要注意一些细节性问题。万国商业网总结了一下,外贸业务员在和客户谈话时,应该禁忌以下其中说话方式。  (一)不要一言不发,外贸业务员在与客户交谈时一样不发,会使交谈变相地冷场,导...
  • Chinese dress at US prom wins support in China after internet backlash
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Entertainment (0) (0) (68) (0)
    Keziah Daum, an 18-year-old from Utah in the United States, who has no Chinese roots, was accused of “cultural appropriation” after posting ...
  • Company profile
    Author:靖·李 Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (17) (0)
    Hebei Top Asian Resource Co.,Ltd. was officially established in 2012 as the successor to the Shijiazhuang Hongsheng Trade Co., Ltd., which c...
  • Bill Gates is raising his children according to a 1970s ‘Love and Logic’ formula — here are his top tips for grooming successful kids
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (34) (0)
    Bill Gates doesn’t pretend he lives in an egalitarian household. When it comes to parenting his three children, the billionaire Microsoft mo...
  • The developing africa market
    Author:Jonk·xu Article Types:Marketing (0) (0) (19) (0)
    Do you feel dangerous if you travel to Africa? I am a bit worried about that. But maybe it's like what the US people think before the first ...
  • Team management
    Author:Jonk·xu Article Types:Experience (0) (0) (186) (0)
    the management is so important for the team work. How to inspire all the people and making them grow up quickly....
  • Schools go HANDS FREE! Staff replace traditional analogue clocks with digital ones in exam halls... because pupils can’t tell the time
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (42) (0)
    Analogue clocks will be removed from exam halls and replaced with digital ones because teenagers are unable to tell the time, claim head tea...
  • our company sell all kinds fire extinguishers
    Author:zhou·fince Article Types:Trader (1) (0) (38) (0)
    Our company supply all kinds fire extinguishers,dry powder type and co2 type.from 0.5kg-50kgwe sell to south america,midden-east,east-europe...
  • What monkeys can teach us about money
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (29) (0)
    On a island off the coast of Puerto Rico, a fascinating simian experiment has taken place. The results could give us a deeper understanding ...
  • What is May Day? How is it celebrated around the world?
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (37) (0)
    May Day is perhaps most closely associated by Britons with a three-day bank holiday weekend.But the traditions of the day have their roots i...
  • Warren Buffett on buying bitcoin: ’That is not investing’
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Management (0) (0) (43) (0)
    When Warren Buffett speaks, investors listen. And Buffett is still not sold on bitcoin.In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Finance in Omaha...
  • 进口国外厨具
    Author:lu·christine Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (52) (1)
    有进口国外厨具在国内销售的小伙伴吗? 多个品牌可直接拿货,有兴趣私信,谢谢!...
    Author:eddy·xu Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (34) (0)
    SENATOR INTERNATIONAL provides comprehensive international freight, shipping, logistics, warehousing and distribution services to customers ...
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