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  • Chinese film turns story of ‘Genghis Khan’ into a fantasy
    Author:Bowl·Xu Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (47) (0)
    Handsome, romantic and good at fighting demons - the Mongol ruler depicted in the new Chinese fantasy film Genghis Khan, set ...
  • Mixed trends in cars go on show
    Author:Bowl·Xu Article Types:Management (0) (0) (44) (0)
    To take the pulse of the trends in the Chinese auto industry and that of the wider world, Auto China 2018, offers many hints.At the biennial...
  • Beautiful and happy fish, but will be a dish.
    Author:Karen·Jiang Article Types:The Road Venture (1) (0) (27) (0)
  • hard
    Author:Jack·lin Article Types:Entrepreneur (0) (0) (82) (0)
  • more than 15 countries
    Author:婷婷·姬 Article Types:The Road Venture (1) (0) (34) (0)
    The trade show is bringing more than 15 countries' manufacturers to Miami from around the world - ALL looking to do business with ...
  • How to find clients using google map?
    Author:Helen·Sun Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (40) (0)
    how to use google map ;1. use vpn, search for key words for example  footwear wholesalers ;footwear importer...
  • Scientists discover summer is more stressful than winter
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (60) (0)
    A new study looking at stress in medical students found that, counterintuitively, the “stress hormone” known as cortisol appears higher duri...
  • A Japanese enterprise launches a change machine
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (1101) (0)
    Unused foreign banknotes and coins brought back home by Japanese travelers as well as leftover yen still in the pockets of departing foreign...
  • hot sale products Arrow tooth flounder
    Author:Helen·Sun Article Types:The Road Venture (1) (0) (31) (0)
    Arrow tooth flounder,some of our customers call it flounder fish, or show latin name "atheresthes stomias" on the package.Arrow tooth flound...
  • China will gradually cancel the equity restrictions of foreign investors in manufacturing industry.
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (45) (0)
    China will phase out share-holding limits for foreign investors in the automobile sector, the country's top economic planner said last Tuesd...
  • Cameron faces scrutiny on UK-China fund
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Entrepreneur (0) (0) (46) (0)
    David Cameron has come under scrutiny for discussing China in a meeting with Philip Hammond, the chancellor, just weeks before the British a...
  • Thanks for TRADE SNS
    Author:Owen·Chung Article Types:The Road Venture (2) (0) (36) (0)
     Thanks for TRADE SNS .we use it for more than 5 years .The foreign trade is more and more hard .hope we can go father and better ....
  • White House insists Trump ’not naive’ about North Korea
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Logistic (0) (0) (1099) (0)
    The White House is continuing its push to temper expectations around a potential face-to-face meeting between President Donald Trump and Nor...
  • Pregnant Chinese Woman Slammed Online After Tripping a Child in a Restaurant
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Experience (0) (0) (85) (0)
    A pregnant woman who deliberately tripped a four-year-old boy running out of a restaurant is being condemned on Chinese social media.The inc...
  • Alibaba ramps up offline efforts
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:E-Commerce (0) (0) (33) (0)
    Internet giant opens first physical store of its cross-border shopping platformInternet giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd opened its first phy...
  • A professional embroidery factory
    Author:Bovey·Qiu Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (19) (0)
     Shaoxing Kaixiu EMB. Textile Co.,Ltd is located in Hutang Industry Zone, Keqiao, Shaoxing City,China.  It is closed to the l...
    Author:Ruthy·Hu Article Types:The Road Venture (1) (0) (754) (0)
    Shaoxing Yaoda Packing Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Plastic Utensils Division of China. Lonsid Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in Year ...
  • Nonwovens Sustainability Summit To Be Held
    Author:spencer·peng Article Types:Marketing (0) (0) (22) (0)
    A Nonwovens Sustainability Summit  be held March 12-13 at the Capella Hotel and Conference Center in Singapore. The event will featur...
  • Smart railway to serve 2022 Olympic cities
    Author:Bowl·Xu Article Types:Entertainment (0) (0) (1179) (0)
    Beijing-Zhangjiakou to take 50 minutesChina will complete testing next year of a "smart" high-speed train that will run on a new line linkin...
  • Piggy page copyright owner eOne will open theme park in China
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Entertainment (0) (0) (59) (0)
    Peppa Pig copyright holder Entertainment One (eOne) said it will cooperate with local animation and toy company Alpha to further develop the...
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