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  • Alibaba won the travel frog domestic exclusive agency
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:E-Commerce (0) (0) (36) (0)
    Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group announced a strategic partnership with Japanese game developer Hit-Point, granting Alibaba exclusive ...
  • PCB Industry to Achieve CAGR of 4% over 2015-2020
    Author:Tony·liu Article Types:Experience (0) (0) (20) (0)
    The PCB market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 4% over 2015-2020. The major drivers of the PCBs market are growing demand for 3C applicat...
  • Personal tax deferred commercial pension insurance starts next month
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (15) (0)
    Starting on May 1, Shanghai, Fujian province and Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu province will pilot the long-awaited tax-deferred pension...
  • Apple Corp has applied for VR patents to ease the pain of car sickness
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Management (0) (0) (16) (0)
    Apple could soon revolutionize how people spend time on the road.The firm has filed a patent that describes how passengers in autonomous veh...
  • US Manufacturers Seek Relief From Steel, Aluminum Tariffs
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Trader (0) (0) (45) (0)
    President Donald Trump’s tariffs on imported aluminum and steel are disrupting business for hundreds of American companies that buy those me...
  • Wang Junkai designated UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Entertainment (0) (0) (39) (0)
    Chinese singer and actor Wang Junkai was designated a UN Environment National Goodwill Ambassador in Beijing last Wednesday.Wang, or Ka...
  • Three American entrepreneurs’ Chinese dream
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Experience (0) (0) (33) (0)
    Charlie Erickson, Jay Thornhill and Tyler McNew are three American entrepreneurs who have realized their Chinese dream by helping foreigners...
  • Qualcomm May Be Collateral Damage in a U.S.-China Trade War
    Author:文文·郭 Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (20) (0)
    A looming trade war between the United States and China has put Qualcomm, one of America’s largest technology companies, squarely in the mid...
    Author:Lydia·Li Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (16) (0)
    Exquisite technology, professional attitude, specializing in steel and hardware for more than 10 years, welcome to JCW GROUP...
  • FRP fiber supply
    Author:先生·季 Article Types:The Road Venture (0) (0) (21) (0)
    Dear friend,  How are you? Nice to meet you here!  Please be informed that we are a big factory and famous wide range in...
  • How Jack Ma Overcame His 7 Biggest Failures
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Experience (0) (0) (47) (0)
    Jack Ma is currently worth $35.6 billion. Yet Ma once made $12 per month as an English teacher (though he was still happy).His achievements ...
  • Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever: Happiness
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (35) (0)
    On Jan. 12, a few days after registration opened at Yale for Psyc 157, Psychology and the Good Life, roughly 300 people had signed up. Withi...
  • South Koreans call for skaters to be booted from games
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:PE Traveling (0) (0) (42) (0)
    In team pursuit, the finishing time is set by the third and last skater crossing the line. Normally, the first rider sets the pace and takes...
  • Invite Friends, Customs Data for Free
    Author:Tradesns·.com Article Types:Entrepreneur (0) (0) (165) (0)
       At present, we all know that network is the chance to success. TradeSNS years of plotting to build the“SNS & CBEC platform ...
  • Break with protocol all about unwelcome guest
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Entertainment (0) (0) (19) (0)
    There is a high possibility that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision not to invite either UK or international leaders to their wedding...
  • Alleged illegal Wuxi industrial and commercial bureau stopped takeaway "War Within Three Kingdoms"
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:E-Commerce (0) (0) (21) (0)
    Authorities in Wuxi, Jiangsu, are demanding Didi Chuxing, Meituan Dianping and stop their alleged illegal activities in food delivery...
  • 24 Solar Terms: 5 things you may not know about Rain Water
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (19) (0)
    The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Grain Rain (Chinese: 谷雨),as the last term in spring, starts on ...
  • IMF predicts stronger growth but warns of risks
    Author:Lingling·Wang Article Types:Trader (0) (0) (32) (0)
    The International Monetary Fund has forecast that 2018 will be the strongest year for global growth since 2011.In its new assessment of the ...
  • "Perfect Files and Customs Data for Free" for old friends
    Author:Tradesns·.com Article Types:Entrepreneur (3) (4) (3249) (1)
    TradeSNS has stayed with traders more than 10 years. In order to more service and support for foreign traders, TradeSNS platform revision up...
  • More than 95 percent of world breathes polluted air: study
    Author:Yingying·Hou Article Types:Lifestyle (0) (0) (25) (0)
    More than 95 percent of the world’s population is breathing polluted, unsafe air and the hardest hit areas are in Africa and Asia, a major s...
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